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OA Intelligent net floor
OA Intelligent net raised floor

OA Intelligent net floor

Product structure

Composed of steels, four-corner supporting independenly , buckle wire grooved cover plate . The bottom floor is made of ST14 tensile plate, and the surface is made of SPCCID hard steel plate (all from Shanghai Baosteel). The surface floor is treated with conductive epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, filled with foam cement in the inner cavity, and keyhole corner-punching . The support is made of galvanized or cast aluminum, and the height of screw rod can be adjusted arbitrarily. There are two kinds of molding around the floor, trimming and riveting.

OA Intelligent net floor

Functional features

1. A-class fire-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and corrosion-resistant;

2. Four-corner supporting, adjustable height , flexible assembly, large wiring, interchangeability and convenient maintenance;

3. The installation height is very low (35mm-150mm), used with supporting trunking. The ground socket can be installed among the trunking plates, and the outlet can be arranged easily. The lower space can be used for air conditioning and ventilation;

4. Carpet or PVC magnetic floor mat can be laid on the surface, which is beautiful and elegant, with nice decoration and comfortable foot feeling;

5. Solve the problems of aging and short circuit caused by the long-term use of cement, floor tile, wood floor and other wires embedded in the original traditional process;

6. High-rate reuse, easy disasseembling and assembling, saving office cost and with long service life.

OA Intelligent net floor OA Intelligent net floor OA Intelligent net floor OA Intelligent net floor