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Calcium sulfate floor

Calcium sulfate floor

Product structure

The base material of calcium sulfate floor is calcium sulfate board, the surface layer is high wear-resistant electrostatic HPL veneer or PVG veneer, the surroundings are sealed with conductive adhesive tapes, the bottom layer is Galvanized sheet or Printed aluminum sheet, or aluminum sheet.

Calcium sulfate floor is widely used in various requirments of anti-static, bearing capacity, greater paving effect places , such as banks, telecommunications rooms, intelligent offices, high-grade computer rooms, military command centers, etc.

Functional features

1. Flame retardant, Non-slip, sound insulation, dustproof, antifouling and chemical corrosion resistance;

2. Hard-wearing , no foaming and degumming;

3. Four-corner supporting, strong structural, super load-bearing and pressure resistance;

4. Environmental protection and beautiful decoration effect, easy installing and interchangeability.

Calcium sulfate floor Calcium sulfate floor